Wisdom is knowing that comes of loving.

Wisdom is knowing that comes of loving.

Wisdom is knowing that comes of loving. It is a conjoining of knowledge and love that I have been trying to find, first of all, in human embodiments, as ‘’a person in the persons’ I have known. I encounter it whenever ‘‘heart speaks to heart,’’ whenever a person who loves me seems also for a moment to know me, to fathom my heart. That’s seems especially to happen when I am trying to fathom the heart of the other, to ‘’pass over,’’ as I call it, into the other’s life. Instead of fathoming, I am fathomed. Instead of knowing and loving, I am known and loved. Maybe being known and being loved is the beginning of knowing and loving, and maybe you have to pass over into the other’s knowing loving to feel known and loved yourself. Anyway it is in those moments of heart speaking to heart that I feel known and loved by God, even though it is human heart speaking to human heart. For God alone, it seems to me as I try in vain to fathom it myself, can penetrate the heart’s secret. It is God who knows in out knowing, who loves in our loving.


The House of Wisdom  John S. Dunne  University of Notre Dame Press 1993

Page 154

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