How time moves on….. although I am into the second cycle of my ministry here in the College of St George – I find it difficult to remember what the routines and rituals were last year mainly because it was all so new! Often friends and visitors ask how I am doing and even offer a criticism that my blog these days isn’t personal enough. From high up in the north side of the Castle walls ( look above and you will see number 6 The Cloisters an the left had side of the picture between the white house and the larger of the towers) I can see the trees and they are steadily turning colour. The season is turning – and the morning is sharp and even frosty. I thought I would offer some of the things that give me cause for thanks.

Some of the positive elements of this stage of my ministry

  1. The surroundings of the Castle with its historic buildings and community of hard working people serving others and especially our many hundreds of thousands of visitors. The ChapelĀ at the heart of the College is an inspiring building, a sanctuary of the spirit, a working building dedicated to worship.
  2. The diversity of my work. I enjoy the many aspects of being the Steward of the College and the people and problems that this work brings me into contact with.
  3. The Anglican choral tradition supported by our organists, our choristers and lay clerks. Their daily energy and dedication produce some wonderful music to the glory of God.
  4. The opportunity to meet and listen to people across the community and especially our visitors.
  5. The chance to read, reflect and write.
  6. The priviledge of supporting the work of St George’s House. At the moment we are getting ready to welcome clergy for a two week course where we shall learn from each other as we reflect on how we might talk about God in the 21st Centuary.
  7. Working in a team and learning from colleagues – and in that team work being ready to learn about my own strengths and weaknesses.
  8. The discipline of prayer and contemplation. The Chapel in the early morning is a place of interdependence and inter connections.
  9. Making things happen and learning patience when they dont!
  10. My fine home in the Cloisters where I love to welcome friends and visitors.

I could go on but I hope that gives you a little flavour of the work and its inevitable ups and downs….

A final picture – ( of Canons Cloisters and my home)

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