Who will rule the world?

Who will rule the world?


This is a very fascinating race for the White House and the most powerful position in the world. The rules and regulations that surround the election seem to an outsider as very complicated. I get my main US news from CNN and Chicago public Radio. The only thing that I am clear about is that everyone I have met and listened to hates Bush with a lack of charity surprising in a Christian nation. They hate his taking the US into the War but mostly they despise him for his lack of intelligence. Many still wonder how he won the last election and the left wing press are constantly expressing their unease about some of his appointments especially to the Judiciary.

This leaves John McCain with an almost impossible job – he seems too, like Bush, to be able to win. People here (perhaps like the UK?) want a change – any any change from a Republican candidate will do.

Alas they have two attractive candidates to choose from in Clinton and Obama.

I think that Clinton is the stronger candidate in terms of substance and detail. In public debate with Obama she is consistent, thoughtful and nuanced. She goes beyond the rhetoric and spin into clear analysis and consistent policy promises. I have never seen her caught wrong footed by a question and if she is unsure about an answer she will admit to it – a rare quality in a politician!

Obama has a majical quality about him. He lives only a couple of blocks from here and taught for a period of time in the Law School here in Chicago University. Yet he does lack a certain maturity of judgement and needs to flush out his broad brush policy strokes with more substance. There is something very humane and real about his approach – and everyone believes that he is a powerful symbol of inclusivity as a Black Man.

There is little divide between the two candidates on policy. So – on what basis might the chioce be made? Personality – that most rational of reasons why one might choose a leader! And the irony is that the longer they thrash it out the greater the chance of McCain getting in!!

Fascinating. My choice – my head says Clinton – my heart Obama. What about you??

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