What is theology?

What is theology?

If theology comes to be understood as the place where God speaks, then we must seek, not to speak of God, but rather to be that place where God speaks. Through our words and actions we seek to be the site of revelation through which people encounter the life- giving Word of God.

For some, this change in the understanding of theology seems to undermine the legitimacy of various Christian traditions, and ultimately that of Christianity itself. However, this is not the case. While our religious traditions may not define God, they can be seen to arise in the aftermath of God, both as a means of pro­visionally understanding what has occurred in the life of the person or community that has been impacted, and as a response to God.

Our ‘theological’ musings can thus be called a/theological insomuch as they acknowledge that we must still speak of God (theology, as tra¬≠ditionally understood) while also recognizing that this speech fails to define God (a/theology).

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