This green and positive land

This green and positive land

   OK – he was waving at thousands of other people as well but smiling at me! Well – perhaps not just me. They do love him and my – they can shout and scream and wave and sing and dance and cheer. And at 81 what a star – dont you think? The sun has come out for him and Washington is full of thousands of people who have travelled far and wide to see Pope Benedict. Poor Mr Brown doesn’t seem to have got a look in yet…..

A less serious post today. Verging on the mildly comical – dont take it seriously – well you never do!!!

 It is in the high 70s and a glorious sky in lighting up this Virginia Spring. The Cherry Blossum is bursting with colour and shorts seem to be the uniform for the day. I cannot remeber how long I have been here but here are some of the things that I have learnt and appreciated about this precious time of sabbatical:

20 things you wanted to know but dare not ask James Woodward!

  • That here anything is possible. This is a land of dreams where positive thinking shapes places, people and plans. There is an energy to this extraordinary positivity. Negativity has to be firmly locked away (for the time being anyway).
  • The coffee is better and richer and tastier – and you can drink it in so many combinations. This has given me dangerous ideas about the Old Hall – as a Solihull outlet of Starbucks. Teas could become Coffees – and cakes – muffins.
  • That people look nicer when they greet a stranger and smile and say thank you.
  • We need to stop talking religion down and be more confident about who we are and what we have to offer.
  • Small things matter and often are the key to making a difference.
  • Sometimes ten minutes slience is better that ten words.
  • Light beer tastes dreadful.
  • Food should be served in smaller portions.
  • English is not a universal language – for example – pants mean trousers not under pants.
  • I hate ironing and keep burning my fingers.
  • Cranberry and Orange muffins are completely wonderful.
  • Singing hymns you dont know is hard.
  • Hospitality and generosity are marks of a good community.
  • Ticket machines do not do voice recognition. People have learnt not to get behind me in a queue in the station.
  • All British people have met and love the Queen (right……)
  • I should have brought my digital camera
  • Getting to know new people is great fun – we all need to get out more.
  • Everybody worries about money.
  • I like hamburgers.
  • We have a lot to learn from the rich and vast and diverse nation.

I think that will do for now – but I warn you – there are other lists….. Have a great day. xxxxx

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