The meaning is in the waiting

The meaning is in the waiting

The Lord is good to those who wait him


When the time for silence comes, the need is to wait, and to be content to wait as best one can: patiently, expectantly, lovingly, longingly.  And that is my part and it is all that I can do.  The rest belongs to God.  I can see myself as the parched earth looking upwards, waiting patiently for the rain to fall.  I can neither hasten the shadow nor determine its intensity when it comes.  My only need is to desire God, to desire to pray and then to wait.


This period of waiting is sure to be demanding.  And we will find ourselves asking whether it is of any use, whether we are truly praying.  St. Augustine has comforting words here: “Your very desire is itself your prayer; if you desire is continued, so is your prayer also.  Whatever you are doing, if you are desiring to pray, you are praying.  If you do not wish to cease from prayer, do not cease from desire”.  And these words are true, the intention or the desire is prayer – whether we are speaking a vocal prayer, Eucharistic prayer or the prayer of the silence of the heart before God. 

 Let us still ourselves, be quiet and silent and wait.

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