The Common Good?

The Common Good?



A guy arrives in a village where many are starving. He has a large pot and big stone and he tells them that he is going to make them stone soup. He puts the water and the stone into the pot, and when it starts boiling, he tastes it and says ‘It’s almost ready, but it needs some carrots ‘. One of the villagers says that he has some carrots, and he runs to get some of those. The guy cuts them up and puts them into the pot, then tastes it again and says ‘It’s almost ready. It needs some celery’.



Some else says that they have some celery and runs and gets it and it is cut up and put into the pot. And so on with turnips, potatoes and garlic. And then presto – stone soup.


Creating a space that brings out the talents of a diverse community and then gathering these talents up so that that forms something even better than can feed us all. Community, justice, creativity, equality. We all have something to offer for the common good. Have we the resolve, the energy and imagination to work to create places where goodness thrives?

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