The Cambrian Academy

The Cambrian Academy



Those regular visitors to my weblog will know of my interest and enthusiasm  in and for Art. A correspondent friend of mine reminded me of how elitist art can be – and I agree – making art accessible (and affordable) is a moral and social challenge. I would like to see a permanent space somewhere in Temple Balsall to show art and enable a wider group of people  to enjoy art and be enriched by it.

The Cambrian Academy is a modern building erected alongside an old Welsh Chapel at the top of an old lane in the lovely castle town of Conwy. Purpose built it was opened in 1993 – a compact ground area opens up into a spacious first floor with views over the river and town.

In the late 19th Century, North Wales, was home to the first artist’s colony in Britain. David Cox spent much time in Betws-y-Coed between 1884 and 1856 and by 1881 the Conwy valley became home to many painters.

Kyffin Williams became the Academy’s president in 1999 and was responsible for encouraging art in Wales. And – in pursuit of accessibility there is an excellent programme of engagement with schools and other groups including lots of art classes for those who wish to do rather than look!

My favourite painters? Audrey Hind; Mary Lloyd Jones; John Knapp-Fisher; Karel Lek and David Tress.

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