Sunday Pause for Thought – The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity

Sunday Pause for Thought – The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity


The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity

Common Worship Lectionary

Proper 19


Exodus 14.19–31 Israel saved by Moses parting the waters
Psalm 114 or Israel fled from Egypt to sanctuary in Judah


Canticle: Exodus 15.1b–11, 20, 21 Moses’ song after the Exodus
Romans 14.1–12 Do not judge, for we are all accountable to God
Matthew 18.21–35 Seventy-seven times forgiveness? The unforgiving servant


The parable in Matthew is terrifying and brings dramatically home the message of the Lord’s Prayer – to forgive readily as we ourselves are forgiven by God. Christians, like others, can squabble and divide about matters that seem to be in the end of minor importance. Paul reminds us that only love can restore a true sense of proportion. It is hard to trust that, even despite all appearances, all shall be well. Pray always to hold to the great signs of God’s love.



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