Sunday Pause for Thought – The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity

Sunday Pause for Thought – The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity

The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity


Common Worship Lectionary

Proper 17


Exodus 3.1–15 God reveals the divine name to Moses at the burning bush
Psalm 105.1–6, 23–26, 45b* Seek the Lord, make known his deeds
Romans 12.9–21 Let love be genuine; overcome evil with good
Matthew 16.21–28 Jesus predicts his death; ‘Take up your cross’


In Exodus, Moses’ encounter with God at the burning bush is crucial – a sacred moment with the name of God. Jeremiah reminds us that the service of God is not an easy ride and we can protest to him at its impossibility, but he will surely see us through. Paul gives simple and basic moral teaching and we are asked to accept and follow in God’s grace. The Gospel reading asks us to consider whether we can bear to become nothing for the sake of having everything in the end. Let us pray to accept ill from others with true patience.


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