Summaries are Best?

Summaries are Best?

Getting used to my own space is interesting after so long away. Temple House talks to me – it moves and almost speaks from time to time – a very disconcerting experience especially when sleep is needed!  Anyway it didn’t matter too much last night because I used the waking hours to finish a remarkable book by Bishop John Moorman ( of Ripon and from the era when the Church of England attracted scholar Bishops) an extraordinary book A history of the Church of England. Published in 1953 (well before I was born!) the book covers in 430 pages the complete history. Masterly summaries of the Reformation, Wesley, and Celtic Christianity.

   The book came at the right time as I havebeen following the distressing events in Jerusalem and wondering where all this divisive talk will take us. What possible good can be achieved? Moorman reminds his reader that dispute, conflict, intellectual wars and disagreement are the default position of us good Anglican Christians! No wonder our Churches are empty – relief that we don’t kill each other these days in England at least. Mind you there are one or two people who just might ( note the tentative  language) be candidates for the stake!!

It is the ability of Moorman to read so deeply and then summarise this scholarship that is commendable. Her is a picture of the scholar –

And on a lighter note of summaries – I had a lovely welcome home e mail from my friend Giles and Claire Robertson who are doing their bit for the slow down in population by having a third baby in December. Lucky baby I say having such nice parents!! Here is Giles’ summary of the news while I ve been away……



Nice to have you back. The news in brief, Gordon Brown has been completely missing from the media, lots of his team hate him, there has been a great England free footie tournament with our old friends the Spanish winning (my tip for stylish Summer drinking- Spanish White Riojia), we have a new Tim Henmanin Andy, houses are worth less than you would think and no one can sell, Nelson Mandela rocked at 90, everybody is being very British about Zimbabwe, and all the Poles and Aussie are going home as it is too expensive  here to buy food. And we are very happy with our little family.

Beat that!!!


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