Spirituality and Personhood in Dementia

Spirituality and Personhood in Dementia





Edited by Albert Jewell, Jessica Kingsley publishers 2011

ISBN: 978-1-84905-154-5


Albert Jewell is a skilled researcher and together with his knowledge of the field of ageing, a third book has been published exploring what happens to an individual (and community) in the face of dementia.  Jewell draws upon his extensive network and experience as a writer, a former pastoral director of MHA Care Group and the secretary of the Christian Council on Ageing Dementia Group.

This volume is a welcome contribution to the literature in this area.  There are clear working definitions of spirituality and personhood and these are underpinned with an earthed sense of the place of theology.  All of the Chapters never move very far from pastoral experience.  Many of the writers are leading practitioners and researchers whose work has contributed to the development of quality care for those living with dementia. 

There are eighteen chapters.  Some deal with pastoral responses to persons with dementia, the particular issues for those who care and a personal discussion of what it feels like to live with dementia.  There is balance both between professional perspectives (doctors, social workers, chaplains and theologians) and all of this is placed within the context of our multi-cultural and interfaith environment.

 The result is an informative and stimulating collection of essays that will enable any reader to be better informed about dementia.


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