A short taster of Lucy Winketts excellent new book:

Our Sounds is our Wound

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book   by Lucy Winkett


Sound is also a powerful metaphor for describing our relationship with God. From the description of Creation in Genesis and the beginning of John’s Gospel, the action of God has been expressed in sound. Trying to describe the beginning of the earth’s life, Jews and Christians have said that God speaks, and Christians offer the metaphor of God as eternal Word. God therefore has a voice, but no one seriously believes what this means God also has a larynx. All language that we see about God is metaphor, in the sense that God is beyond description or language, even though we keep trying to use it. And perhaps because we can’t see sound, and God is invisible, the world of sound has proved a rich source of metaphoric descriptions of the presence and activity of God.

It is an embodied incarnational theology that helps us listen for the signs of our own times, to try to understand what we reveal about ourselves to one another and to God, and to try to discern the presence of the God of peace as we take account of the cacophony of modern life in a noisy world. (page 8)

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