Penant Menangell

Penant Menangell

After an eight o’clock communion where I arrived three minutes late mcuh to the irritation of both the vicar and the churchwarden (I must remember that you can express a lot through a well chosen look) – I travelled north to see the beautiful pilgrimage church of St Melangell.

It lies at the head of the Tanant valley in the Berwyn mountains. The church is set within a circular churchyard, a bronze age burial site – a 12th century building and stone shrine of St Melangell. It is a place of fascinating silence – a very deep sense of prayer and faithfulness that enrich the soul and heart.

The legend goes that this Welsh saint saved a hare from the hounds of Brochwel, a Prince of Powys – and as a reward was given the valley as a place of sanctuary. Melangell has become the patron saint of hares – and the church an ancient place of pilgrimage.

I park the car at the end of the valley and walk listening to the birds. It is almost impossible to describe the tranquility and peace. In the church there is an opportunity to pray and light a candle of intercession.

Now back to the Sunday papers. How much news do we really need? Not as much as the media think we do! And lunch outside – what a treat.

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