looking within

looking within

When you are engrossed in thoughts of anger, hatred, envy, resentment or disgust, notice the way your horizons shrink and your creativity  diminishes. I find it impossible to write well when I am churning with resentment.

In the grip of these hostile pre-occupations, we become focused on ourselves, can think j of little else, and lose all wider perspective. We tend to assume that other people are the cause of our pain; with mindfulness, over time, we learn how often the real cause of our suffering is the anger that resides within us.

When we are enraged, we tend to exaggerate a persons defects Рjust as when we are seized by desire we accentuate somebodies attractions and ignore her faults, even though at  some level we may know that this is a delusion.

Lets work towards more emotional intelligence and honesty!

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