Looking for the perfect Church?

Looking for the perfect Church?

I have just listened to a Press conference from the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury where the Archbishop of Canterbury was exposed to a barrage of questions about the future of the Anglican Communion. His voice is clear, coherant, moderate, political and intelligent. It is hard to feel for him and the impossibility of the holding together the strains and imperfections of strongly held opinion.


I like this picture of Rowan where he physically is attempting to appeal to our better nature! See in those eyes a careful attention to his audience. See in his brow the strain of holding together so much! See the lips expressing with care a perspective that might embrace and contain.





I am reminded of a story of a man who went in search of the perfect Church! At each place he found all kinds of problems. At one Church he found himself sitting in someone else’s seat ! At another he couldn’t sing the hymns! At another he didn’t really like the look of the congregation. In all of them the Vicar didn’t live up to his high expectations.

In the midst of this search soemone was bold enough to say to him : I feel sorry for that perfect Church if you ever find it, for in that moment that you join it, it will not be perfect anymore!

Were that we were perfect! were that all our Churches full of perfect people, free of divisions and discord. Oh for the hope that we priests could meet every ones expectations. Of course we could all do better – we all aim for perfection – but we also have to live with life as it is – praying that God might Bless the Mess!!

A perfect theology? A complete moral code? A Church without imperfections? No – simply not possible. Unless you know something that I am missing??

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