Let all beings be happy!

Let all beings be happy!

Let all beings be happy!

Weak or strong, of high, middle or low estate,

small or great, visible or invisible,

near or far away, alive or still to be bom —

May they all be perfectly happy!

Let nobody lie to anybody or despise any single being anywhere.

May nobody wish harm to any single creature out of anger or hatred!

Let us cherish all creatures, as a mother her only child! May our loving thoughts fill the whole world, above, below, across

without limit; our love will know no obstacles – a boundless goodwill toward the whole world, unrestricted, free of hatred or enmity.

Whether we are standing or walking, sitting or lying down,

as long as we are awake we should cultivate this love in our heart.

This is the noblest way of living.

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