and Listening?

Writing in the July 2001 edition of the magazine Quadrant, Eddie Gibbs, an Anglican priest, and for many years Profes¬≠sor of Church Growth at the USA’s Fuller Theological Semi¬≠nary, sums things up like this:

We now have a generation of leaders who do not know how to lead within a con text of rapid and chaotic change. We were trained to map read on well-marked roads, not navigate on stormy seas. I believe the changes are significant and irreversible – while tomorrow continues to arrive ahead of schedule, yesterday can never be revisited.

One thought on “Leadership

  1. Does ‘Love’ fit into this plan?

    No room at the Inn?

    Do we exclude Love? In our pursuit of ‘getting there’?

    ‘Getting there’ – an action of escape? From what?

    Our ‘escape’ drove us to accumulate ‘all the money in the world’ – and it isn’t enough.

    We all want a slice of the cake, and we eat ourselves to death.

    We trade food commodities, pricing millions of destitute people out of the only meal of the day – for many, a single bowl of rice.

    We unfold the most despicable brutality and instability.

    Has ‘Love’ had any relevance in our ‘escape’, our ‘getting there’?

    In fact, we exclude Love – ‘Gods power on Earth’, at our peril.

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