In praise of …..

In praise of …..

the boiled sweet!

One of my earliest memories of my childhood was the village sweetshop ran (I think) by two old ladies ! Well they looked old from the perspective of an eight year old. I remember that there was a large heavy set of brown shelves filled with jars and jars of sweets. Paradise! And on the polished counter a set of those scales that ensured that the customer recieved the right number of sweets.

Midget Gems – small bursts of fruit flavour. Toffee filled with small treats of chocolate. Sour limes – but my favourites were those boiled fruit sweets. All of these were delivered in four or two ounces in strong white bags. They could be filled with air and burst behind an unsuspecting victim!

I was given a small tin of boiled sweets as a farewell present and they are on my table in the library. They are the perfect company for reading – a slow release of sugar and taste. And to be eaten slowly – and when a light of insight emerges from a book its the time to crunch!!! But not too loudly…… In praise of the boiled sweet. Whats your favourite?

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