In praise of …

In praise of …


This is my last weekend at VTS and I prepare to fly off to Chicago on Wednesday. I do not quite know where the month has gone – but I am full of deep gratitude to the community here for its space and hospitality. I take away many happy memories of people and conversations and hope that I might return some time.

When I arrived the trees were empty of any obvious life – and now as I look out of my window in my library study – the trees are heavy with green and colours – full of life and promise. Spring is the most amazing time of year. It can raise the spirits and bring a smile to even the gloomiest of faces. Taking time to see these things emerge has been one of the gifts and lessons of Virginia.

I wonder what the signs of Spring are where you live – and what is giving you delight ?

Now – back to my lists and odd ends before some food with newly made friends. Enjoy the Spring and all it offers.

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