In praise of ……

In praise of ……


Time for a smile – (I hope). I popped into Alexandria this morning to sort out a few things – and to buy a couple of T shirts. It is very warm…..

In the land of slogans here are some of my favourite ones that have found their way onto the front or back of of this cheap cotton garment:(advance notice of my apologies for revealing the darker side of my sense of humour). Now – for those of you without an imagination you have to imagine these words on a T Shirt being worn either by a stranger or soemone you know quite well – OK??

  • Suffering is Optional
  • Whoever invented work didn’t know how to fish
  • What ever the question is liquor is the answer
  • I am a very good bad example
  • I am always sincere even when I don’t mean it
  • Please – Give me a break
  • Warning! Contains bitterness and resentment
  • I do all my own stunts
  • Bad Hair Day – Don’t cross me
  • Looking good is a curse
  • Whatever…..
  • Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult
  • I suffer occasional delusions of adequacy
  • If they don’t have chocolate in heaven I ain’t going
  • Growing old is inevitable: Growing up is optional
  • Dinner is ready when the smoke alarm goes off
  • In America anyone can become president – that’s one of the risks you take

Well – that’s enough for the time being. Please feel free to use any of these – and I warn you – for every slogan I thought might raise a half smile there were ten that I couldn’t publish! And which one did I buy? Wait and see……….

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