In Praise of

In Praise of

Courtesy. I realise that there is some anbivalence amongstĀ the British about America and its people! I share the same prejudices about Knowle (sorry IĀ had to get that in at some stage) but I do think that we have a great deal to learn about manners from these good people.

I went for some Mexican food last night with two theological students – Jimmy – a history graduate and Christine – an econmics graduate who both hail from Texas. Great accent! I know it might sound trivial but I am very taken with the way people meet and greet one another. They look you in the eye in shops and restaurants and say both Hello and How are you today? and appear to mean it…. There is a warmth and quality to the service and general demeanour that we could well with taking on board. So in praise of the Good Morning – the Thank you and even Have a good day.

Try it and see what happens.

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