In Praise of ……

In Praise of ……

strong-paper-shredderThe Shredder

Sorry to bore you with the ongoing saga of moving – but the process has uncovered all kinds of delights! In a cuboard long since forgotton I uncovered historical documents of mind blowing insignificance!  Here are some examples:

  • Details of all the cars I have ever owned – six in total – including my first one which was a bight blue mini.
  • a box of papers relating to holidays with enough sun cream to cover Jersey.
  • every pay slip I ever got from the Church Commissioners. My first in July 1986 paid me the amazing sum of £390 after tax!
  • Cheque book stubbs in  glorious abundance.

Well – sad I hear you shout – but I wonder what is lurking in your loft?

Solution – to the shredder and the therapeutic delights of watching all that paper tear into strips ready for the recycling.

Stressed? Get a shredder – it will change your life…….



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