In Praise of….

In Praise of….

Just back from a week in mid- Wales sleeping and reading and generally wondering what 2009 might have in store for me and my work. These musings take the form of scribbles and lists …  a thinking aloud on paper that increase with coherance after a glass of claret! Where would we be without lists?

I have two particular memories of that week. The first is of the wonderful clear night skies revealing the sheer glory of the stars. I gazed and gazed at the distant specs of light. Beautiful. The second resulting from these clear night skies was the very heavy frost. It was cold – with temperatures hardly getting beyond zero. On a walk  I returned to discover that my curls ( or what is left of them) were frozen…. a hat is in order!

And that leads me to offer my first ‘in praise of’ for 2009.


Here is one for those of you who cannot remember…



Perfect for warming up the bed and providing the perfect comfort for a cold frosty evening!  And to returnto the need for a hat I wonder if I can persuade a parishoner to knot a cover for the said hot water bottle??!!

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