In praise of

In praise of



I have enjoyed reading the newspapers. Catholic in taste I have tried to vary the diet – I like the Telegraph for its lay out and clarity though the crosswords are impossible!

I especially appreciate the obituaries! I picked up a collection of obits by Hugh Massingberd who was the Telegraph obits editor for some time. In his obituary the writer warmly told us that,

Hugh made people feel better about themselves. Hugh knew instinctively that it is our peculiarities, our failings, our embarrassments that make us who we are……The view that humankind as fallen, but redeemed through eccentricity ran like a golden thread through his obituaries.

So – imagine your obituary! What eccentricities might the loving writer tell of….. and if you feel yourself to be free of them perhaps it is time to start developing one or two unique to you!

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