How many gadgets do we need for living?

How many gadgets do we need for living?

Well here is my bit of Daily Mail journalism for the month! I sometimes wonder looking around here (and elsewhere) whether we shall ever need to speak to anyone ever again…..

During my search for a book in the library I saw a lad carrying his lap top – probably with the information he needed to secure books for his work. He was also wearing earphones listening music on his I Pod. I was trying to get past him but could get his attention because his mobile went – I thought that was a gadget record? Three indispensable gadgets for living. Can you beat it?

For those of my readers who might need a picture here goes:

           A mobile phone – but beware you can do all sorts of things with it these days including taking pictures and listening to the news ! And you can also record small bits of video……….  

And the I Pod -it is a small device of playing hours – no – days of music on it!! I have one and it has helped pass the time especially in the evenings!



And finally – a lap top – a portable computer which has been my salvation here and without which I would not have been able to have blogged my way round the world! That may have been an advantage but since my journey to the states over 3,000 people have visited my blog page! You would think that people had better things to do with their time. Here is a picture of my amazing small lap top


  We have become very good friends over these past weeks – its a small wonder of tricks!!

Well all this is great – technology and the wonders thereof….. but – I have a sense that it is diminishing our ability to communicate with one another rather than enable it. Does everybody really need a mobile glued to their ear? What do they talk about all day? And the mobile text is the only way some people connect! And as for blogging – you fill in the gaps. There are both wonders and dangers in this revolution!

What is your favourite piece of electronic machinery? And why?? What is your favourite way of communicating with people??



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