Henry Cliffe

Henry Cliffe

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Henry Cliffe

Born in Scarborough, Yorkshire. 1939-46 served army, met
William Scott in Ruabon, Wales (Ordinance Section). 1946
enrolled as student BAA, studied lithography and painting
until invited to join staff (married colleague Valerie May).
Taught lithography full time, and gave technical advice to
colleagues (see exhibition Corsham Lithographs and Other
The Arts Centre, Dartington Hall, Totnes 1955);
exhibited Willis Galleries, Bath with other members of staff.
Both his and his students’ work exhibited in many
international exhibitions including
Cincinatti International
Lithography Exhibition
(1954 & 1960) and at two Venice
Biennales. 1956 first one-man exhibition Redfern Gallery
(Paintings). 1959 one-man show St George’s Gallery (prints).
1960 first purchase prize Philadelphia Print Club. 1961 Ford
Foundation Scholarship. Pratt Institute of Art. New York.
1965 wrote Lithography: A Studio Handbook Studio Vista.
1967 one-man exhibition Aubern University, USA. 1970
retrospective exhibition of prints Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol.
1977 & 1980 one-man exhibitions of paintings and drawings.
Festival Gallery, Bath. 1986 British Prints in the Post-War Years
Redfern Gallery.


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