HEALTHCARE, WHOLENESS & HEALING Saturday, 7th March 2015

HEALTHCARE, WHOLENESS & HEALING Saturday, 7th March 2015


Diocese of Bath and Wells

Diocesan Healing Group event





Saturday, 7th March 2015


Healthcare is increasingly driven by clinical outcomes, budgets, targets and political constraints. This is at the expense of whole-person care and personal well-being – for both healthcare professionals and patients alike. Could the Church and other Faith Communities collaborate better with Healthcare to remedy this dis-ease?


The purpose of the conference is to explore the meaning of healing and the interface between Healthcare and Faith Communities in general, and the Christian Healing Ministry in particular. Promoting a common understanding, shared goals, and a closer relationship between people with different roles in healthcare and healing — medical, pastoral, social and spiritual – we’ll ask whether and how these might be better integrated and ultimately, how to reconcile the physical and spiritual in healthcare.


The event is open to all – healthcare professionals, clergy, lay members of our congregations and healing teams, and anyone interested in health and healing – a programme in which all can participate; teaching, learning from one another, encouraging, and, we hope, inspiring.

Keynote Speakers


Bishop Peter Maurice, Bishop of Taunton, Conference Chairman


Revd. Dr. Jeremy Swayne, Chairman, Diocesan Healing Advisory Group

The Language of Healing — A retired doctor, and author of “Remodelling Medicine”, Jeremy Swayne will explore the way we talk about healing, what we mean by the word and how we use it in various contexts; and what are ‘natural’ healing, ‘holistic’ healthcare, and ‘integrative’ medicine.


Professor Paul Dieppe, Professor of Health and Wellbeing, Exeter University; former Dean, Bristol University Medical School

The Landscape of Healing – Paul Dieppe will draw  on his research to speak on the diverse manifestations of ‘healing’ and the work of ‘healers’ in our own and other cultures.


Revd. Canon Dr. James Woodward, Canon of St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle

Encountering Illness, Encountering Healing – James Woodward will speak from his experience of chaplaincy and pastoral theology about finding healing through illness, and the role of the church in mediating this.


Dr. Ross Bryson, Birmingham General Practitioner and pioneer of GP chaplaincy

Whole person general practice – Ross Bryson will examine healing as an aspiration and a reality in everyday primary care, and in the life of the local community.


Workshop Themes

  • Healing the medical culture: Cum scientia caritas; the patient, not the cure
  • Illness as the agent of healing: chaplaincy; end of life care; healing present wounds rooted in the past
  • Reconciliation and justice: healing in a broken world
  • Whole person general practice; care in the community
  • Creation healed: health, healing and the environment; our responsibility for ourselves and our world
  • A healing Church: healing prayer, healing presence; changing lives, changing communitiesAccreditationFor doctors, accreditation will be offered by the Somerset GP Educational TrustVenueYeovil has train stations on the Waterloo-Exeter and Gloucester-Bristol-Weymouth lines; The conference will be a full day event with lunch providedAfter February 7th – £30.00For enquiries or to register interest, please contact Josie Halla   details and full registration in early January
  • Early bird registration, by February 7th – £20.00
  • Cost
  • and bus connections from Bristol (via Wells), Taunton, and other points in Somerset
  • Holy Trinity Church and Community Centre, Yeovil
  • The conference will be eligible for inclusion in CPD portfolios

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