God : Some Conversations (part 4)

God : Some Conversations (part 4)

He is known also as the Holy and Righteous and Trans­cendent One who is trustworthy. This is a thing which has been borne in upon the followers of God, those who have been called to know that they are his people through all the ups and downs of their lives, through all the muddle and chaos and frustration, as well as through all the joy and excitement and hope.

If we would only let the Bible speak for itself and just read it in simplicity, we would see that men do not believe in God because this gives them the answer to the problem of evil or because this shows what pattern things fit into. They believe in God because they discover him in their hopes and in their fears, constantly being renewed when they thought they were crushed; constantly being taken to higher hopes when they thought they had achieved all there was to be achieved; and what they have discovered about the Holy One who is involved with his people, is that he is wholly steadfast, trustworthy, the God who has a steadfast purpose which is expressed through the demand which he makes upon his people to follow him.

Moreover, in discovering the holiness and the righteousness and the otherness of God, and in discovering his trustworthiness, men have discovered that he is a caring God, that his steadfastness is expressed above all in love. We are talking, therefore, about the Lord who is steadfast, purposeful, demanding, promising love. We are talking of the Lord who is our God, the Lord who is my God, just as he was the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob; the God of David, the God of Peter, the God of Paul, the God of Jesus.

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