Getting Ready for special time?

Getting Ready for special time?

Special days and auspicious times with implied or explicit religious significance appear to be a universal human phenomenon.  This points to a basic human need for a different quality of time from the daily routine of our lives so that we may recognize and live out our full humanity. Life perhaps can be lived for long periods without such special times, but only at the cost of impoverishing human awareness and vocation.

The selection of days and times in early history normally reflected human intimacy with nature. The phases of the moon, sunrise and sunset, planting and harvesting, the changing seasons of the year— each of these called for special recognition and cooperation. 

Sabbath Time

Tilden Edwards, Upper Room Books, Nashville (page 23)

  • How will you use time this time this week?
  • How do we mark out special time?
  • What will you be most aware of this Christmas time?

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