From Windsor to Waterloo

From Windsor to Waterloo

Here are ten surprises emerging out of the completely ordinary and unspectacular journey from Windsor and Eton Riverside station to Waterloo:



  1. It only costs £8 return (and I am not a senior citizen!)
  2. It takes just over three quaters of an hour
  3. There are 12 stops between Windsor and Waterloo
  4. Its a perfect time for a post lunch snooze back from London and because the train stops in Windsor there is no worry about not waking up in your station!
  5. There area surprising number of cows and sheep in large green fields.
  6. The London sky line is the best in the world.
  7. Mobile phones are not allowed in most of the carriages.
  8. I wonder when the old Battersea power station will ever be finished?
  9. Suburbia seems to go on forever
  10. Are I Pods good for you?

To be continued…..



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