Finding Wisdom?

Finding Wisdom?

Perhaps religion best helps us to dig and question and search for truth and wisdom? This coming week all of us will be given the opportunity to discover something new about who we are and how God holds this process of living and loving….. consider this:


Asking my questions about the time of my life, about love and friendship, about God, I am like Tangle asking the child ‘’Can you tell me the way to the country the shadows fall from?’’. I am asking really about the kingdom of my presence, of our presence, of God’s presence. It is I, it is we, it is God who casts the shadows. It is a timeless presence in time, mine, ours, God’s. The shadows are the many images of eternity that are formed in the play of time.  If I walk with God, I am like Tangle walking with the child, holding the child’s hand and yet being led by the child. When I see my presence, our presence, God’s presence in the long perspectives of time, I see a journey ahead of us, enacting the eternal presence in time, enacting the kingdom of God. It is a meaning in otherwise unmeaning things of life we are enacting. I wanted to say I discover, I do not invent the meaning. What I have learned now, though, meditating on presence and on meaning, is that I do something in between discovering and inventing-I enact.

The House of Wisdom  John S. Dunne  University of Notre Dame Press 1993 (page 76)

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