Energy Art Movement

Energy Art Movement

Chicago’s cultural scene is soon to be energized by the most unusual art
movement to date, emerging from across the globe – the Energy Art Movement.
These artists uphold values and paint with a message. They look within
themselves to express their vision of what our world could be.

Such eye-opener messages may just be what people need to achieve genuine
“change” – first within themselves, then carried on to the world.
“Energetic” may be that one feeling people need to realign with their inner
and outer world. And the movement is here to radiate that energy from its

The first annual Energy Art Salon will feature some of the finest energetic
art today, with one common theme – We Are Connected – at the new Murphy Hill
Gallery in Chicago. This second project of the movement – the first on Green
Energy shown last summer in Canada – intends to open up viewers’ eyes to a
new way of perceiving themselves in global society.

According to their philosophy: “Beyond immediate human relationships, there
are much deeper levels of connections. Scientifically, we have been shown to
be genetically connected through our common single female and male
ancestors. Quantum Mechanics says that entanglement, or connections between
separate particles, is the most fundamental property of the Universe. On the
spiritual level, one may also feel connected to others. Love is the
strongest connective bond, both spiritual and physical. Recent technological
advancements, including Internet and mobile technology, now enable us to
become even more connected as a global human race. This all in face of the
separation one might feel from races, religions, or nations, or even

The movement wishes to celebrate human connections in its artworks, created
with its three primary values: quality, diversity, and evolution. A variety
of traditional and new media shall be showcased at the Salon, dazzling
viewers into a state of contemplation.

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