Do we know our bodies?

Do we know our bodies?

rib-cage.jpg  The rib gage from a useful anatonomy text book. My interest? Last thursday I slipped on a step and fell only to discover 36 hours later that I had broken a couple of ribs. Frustrating and painful – in equal measure. Nigel – a doctor friend – came to the rescue. A wonderfully careful man who reassured, explained and encouraged. I was astonished to learn more about bone structure and the process of mending. He also told me that that there was always something to learn about from illness – quite a challenge shared with his priest!!

I am taken aback by the sheer unpredictability of life and how easy it is to break something!! What an amazing capacity the body has for change and growth and mending. How powerful the experience of pain and comforting those who express their care. Soup and paracetemol are most welcome.

I have never really appreciated before those who spend great amounts of time in physical pain and I now see and feel their plight in a new way. I also now know how important sleep is having had several nights interupted by the sharp pain of my lower ribs!!

As Lent begins today I am resolved to slow up – and get in closer touch with my body – ribs, heart muscles and waiste line!!!  And please – a warning – WATCH YOUR STEP!!

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