Theos has announced Biggest evolution and God survey ever launched today.

Among its key findings, the report reveals that:

  • Only 54% of people know that Charles Darwin wrote The Origin of Species (3% believe he wrote The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and 1% think he wrote The Naked Chef by Jamie Oliver).
  • Only 15% of people know that Charles Darwin was a self-described agnostic towards the end of his life (20% think he was an atheist).
  • 42% of people believe that evolution presents some challenges to Christianity but that it is possible to believe in both.

The research also canvassed people across the UK about the origins of human life and found that:

  • The East has the largest proportion of people in the UK who believe that the theory of evolution removes any need for God (44%)
  • Wales has the largest proportion of theistic evolutionists (the belief that evolution is part of God’s plan – 38%).
  • Northern Ireland has the highest proportion of people who believe in Intelligent Design (16%) and Creationism (25%).


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