Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate

I wrote on the 6th May about the Millennium Park in Chicago. Its highlight for me and many others is this sculpture by British Artist Anish Kapoor – his first public outdoor work installed in the United States. A 110 ton elliptical sculpture is forged of a series of highly-polished stainless steel plates. In it you can see the city and its skyline and the clouds above. A tweleve foot high arch provides a gate to the concave chamber beneath the piece so that visitors can touch and feel and see their reflection back from a variety of perspectives. As I write I am aware of the inadequacy of my words in expressing the sheer wonder of this piece.

It is like a piece of liquid mercury – you imagine it to move and shift as you touch it. I think that it mirrors the age – a positive need for us to see and reflect a wider perspective – to see ourselves as part of a community and world for which we have responsibility. We are also reminded that there is a creative fluidity about life and its shifts and demands.

And as a gaze at my reflection and think about those wonderful people I have had the privilegeof knowing and meeting – I am reminded of a great truth of faith – that we are all God’s wonderful work of art. In the sheer size and space of this piece – let us rid ourselves of small mindedness and mean spiritedness. Now there’s a challenge for each of us as we think about Pentecost Sunday and the power of the Spirit of God at work in us. Let that spirit uplift and change us.

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