Christmas makes a diffrence

Christmas makes a diffrence

People often complain that religion doesn’t make a difference – that people aren’t better because of it. So what difference does worship this morning make to our lives? Does Christmas mean anything?


Yes – today makes a world of difference. For in the message of this Christmas morning God gives us so much that can inspire, console and refresh us. In Christmas God does not give us explanations. In our religion we cannot have answers to our questions for we do not comprehend the world and we are never going to. It is, and it remains for us a sometimes confused mystery of light and dark. Those us who work with and live with illness know this to be true. Illness shatters our illusions of a world where there are easy answers and all is security and peace.


No, God does not give us explanations he gives us himself in the shape and form of Jesus, his Son. The birth of that child in the stable means that god shares life on our terms and not his – and shares it in order to change it. In Jesus our life is shared and God expresses in the deepest way his love and presence and concern with us and for us. Today and every day God is with us. Today and everyday God cares for you – bothers about what you are feeling and thinking. So Christmas and religion does make a difference. A son gives us a life in which to live. A son gives us a life in which to live. A son, Jesus, expresses God’s

love and care for us.


So today as I wish you a happy Christmas my prayer is that you will feel the presence of a God who care and loves each one of you and that as we reflect on the Christmas message our lives might be changed by the God who was prepared to live the vulnerable life of a child in a hostile world for me and for vou. Amen

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