Chagall at Chichester

Chagall at Chichester


A popular feature of Chichester Cathedral is a stained glass window on the north side, designed and created by the French artist Marc Chagall. The window is inspired by Psalm 150, which urges its readers to ‘let everything that hath breath praise the Lord’. Vibrant and colourful, our Chagall window encompasses aspects of the Anglican and Chagall’s own Jewish faith.


Dr Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi, in his preface to Chagall Glass at Chichester says: 

“The concept that Art can add spirituality is something that goes to the core of all religions …

[Marc Chagall’s stained glass] can but serve to enhance the spirituality of the beautiful surroundings in which they are placed, advance the fervour with which the Almighty is worshipped, and increase the devotion of those coming under the inspiration of Chagall’s divinely-inspired talent.”

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