Celebrating Children

Celebrating Children

I have just come home after an evening where our Church School has gathered to celebrate the achievements of our chlidren. It was a wonderful evening with a tremendous atmosphere of excitement and laughter.

The small children treated us to country dancing and the older children sang Bridge Over Troubled Water– with some brilliant solos and melodies. It was good to see how much children had grown and developed with the help of all who work in the community.

It really drew in the crowds and the School Hall was soon overflowing so we had to have the event in Church. I loved the noise and sense of fun and expectation. We should try and use the Church more often for community events like these.

So – well done every child of the Lady Katherine Leveson Primary School! All best wishes for those children who leave for secondary school – and may Temple Balsall always be a place where children are valued and celebrated. We have so much to learn from them.

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