Understanding the Spiritual Shape of Older Age

Understanding the Spiritual Shape of Older Age


The Spiritual Dimension of Ageing 

Elizabeth MacKinlay Jessica Kingsley Publishers  2017  £19.99

With a background in nursing and specialisation in gerontological nursing much of McKinley’s focus over the past years has been on age and spirituality. Her preparation for Ministry nurtured priest and nurse in a commitment to deepening our understanding of the ageing process, its physical and psychosocial needs, and the common disease conditions of older adults. Her body of research work and books have been a fundamental  and important part of the growing literature in our developing understanding of spiritual care.

MacKinley has brought into this commitment her own belief system and managed to hold both Christian conviction within the context of a secular environment in such a way as to demonstrate the core significance of the spiritual as part of enriching human flourishing for all older adults.

The book has 19 chapters with a number of helpful figures and tables illuminating a range of discussions which include the relationship of spirituality to health and well-being; meaning in life; images of God; the spiritual journey in ageing; humour and laughter and spirituality in ageing; isolation; cognitive decline and the nature of professional engagement in this area of support and care.

The second edition of this book is a welcome resource for all of us who are teaching, learning and research. MacKinley puts her learning to use in a meaningful, coherent and insightful way. Those of us who know her work will bear testimony to its capacity to change thinking and practice.

 James Woodward

Sarum College

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