Beatitudes for the Ageing

Beatitudes for the Ageing

 Blessed are those who have the courage to do nothing.

They demonstrate to us a different level of living for one another.

Blessed are those who no longer expect anything and yet are able to smile.

God’s goodness is shining through them.

Blessed are those who are able to listen without harping on the same issue.

They make our inflexible views more relative.

Blessed are those who endure their powerlessness without rebelling against it.

They calm our agitated hearts.

 Blessed are those who do not dwell in bitterness of living alone.

 They put time in God’s hands.

Blessed are those who never tire of showing confidence.

They are giving us the courage to face every day with renewed enthusiasm.

Blessed are those who can no longer help others, but who weep for us.

Their tears will carry a lot of weight in the eyes of God. 

Blessed are those who pass their days peacefully and quietly.

They are creating safe havens for us.

Blessed are those who have nothing to say any longer, yet do not fall silent.

Their words announce hope and confident optimism.

Blessed are those who empty their hands and extend their arms.

They are teaching us to cling to nothing.

 Blessed are those who do not consider their own needs all that important and instead only look out for others. What would our life be without them? —


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