Bank Holiday Musings

Bank Holiday Musings

Some  of you know that I am in temporary accomodation tucked in just below the Round Tower ….. for those of you who prefer pictures here is the view from my living room window:

Visitors to the College of St George will have noticed some considerable activity. This particular phase of a major refurbishment project is underway with the erection of scaffolding over the Canons’ Cloister. The scaffolding can also be seen from street level as it towers up and over parts of the North Wall. And hence my move!

Every generation has its challenges and ours is to work together in the College for the preservation and restoration of these important medieval buildings that are in urgent need of repair.

The first phase of the work will cover the external repair of the Canons’ Cloister. This will include the replacement of copper roofs with sand cast lead. There are repairs to the timbers that support the roof structure. Across the Castle walls both stone and bricks will be also repaired. In particular it is hoped that inside the Cloister the cement render will be removed and replaced with a lime based render. Windows will be repaired and the outside of all these buildings decorated.

This whole project will cost several million pounds and take place over a period of several years. It is hoped that the first phase will be completed by the summer of 2012.

In the meantime we welcome onto the site many skilled people and look forward to the steady progress of work. Patience and expectation will be our aspirations as the noise and activity continues in order to leave these buildings in good order for future generations.

In the meantime there is plenty to see from my new home – including Spring in the Moat Garden below the Round Tower

The raising of the Royal Standard for the HM  The Queens Birthday

 and the changing of the Guard past the front door during Easter Court

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