Back to Work!!

Back to Work!!


Well – nothing good ever lasts forever – and the sabbatical is over! I returned to Temple Balsall yesterday to find everything in good order – mainly thanks to my wonderful colleagues. Some flowers from Sharon and Jen (as I told my American Friends – quite simply the best people England (and Wales) produces!) The fridge had some milk and the kitchen bread – what more does a man need? The cellar isn’t too far away – I wonder if there has been a party or two while I’ve been away?

There is a lot of paper – overwhelming if you think too much about it too much! The best way is to start at the top – handle one piece at a time and it gradually moves …. it has all been put in careful piles by Sharon and I think that a lot of people must have given up trying to contact me or they don’t love me any more. Lets see what July brings.

But it is the people and the stories and this community that lie behind the paper that I am most bothered about. Its great to be back because I love this place and want to see it grow and develop. And I am ever more committed to Temple Balsall becoming a model of excellence in the theory and practice of care for older people.

So here is to the future – but also for the time being a load of this:

 And a final word – thanks to all those who have kept faith with the blog – will there be more? Wait and see!!!

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