Back from vacation!

Back from vacation!



As  I drove down the Kenilworth Road towards Temple Balsall I always get a slight sense of apprehension about what I might find! The roads are quiet and I hope that most have been on holiday which will surely affect the e mail in box and paper on the desk – but not so! Three hundred and sixty e mails in 15 days and about a hundred bits of post.  My heart sinks. I decide to opt for returning calls – a long conversation about a possible wedding and a friend needing someadvice ! Voices and people amidst this mound of ‘stuff’. Of course there is a significant bit of this that can be deleted ( requests for my bank details; offers of all kinds; reminders about insurance; warnings about savings; information about conferences) and the pile of unsolicited mail gets sent back – I do not need any more pairs of leather shoes or shirts or wine for that matter). A nice thank you letter cheers the spirit. And gradually some kind of order is restored and lists made of priorities.

Lest this sounds too serious I am not sitting here too long! There is all that sport to catch up on. Amazing positive psychology of those Olympians – We could all do with some of that.

Fingers crossed for the parish picnic tomorrow but at this rate I shall have my duffle coat on!! No sports on the lawn….. whic would your sport be?? And a gold medal??

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