Autumn Colour

Autumn Colour

_mg_2077.jpgThe last two days have been glorious – sharp, blue, fine days that lift the spirits. The leaves are falling and there is a real sense of the Autumn season kicking in. I love watching what happens to trees at this time of the year and how they shed their leaves – and what colour they shower on us. No doubt the clocks will soon give us early darkness and the morning frosts provide an extra challenge for us drivers.

All seasons have their attraction but I like the way the Autumn slows us up and gives us time and space. Time to think and reflect – time to look out of the window and see things in a different way. Time to take stock and wonder aloud about life and whats going on within it. Harvest time – space for memories and musings – time to let all this rich colour enrich out seeing.

Amidst the frenetic activity imposed on us and sustained by us the autumn colour gives us an opportunity to look inwards. Use the space. Lets look at things in a different way?_mg_2127.jpg

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