How do you view your ageing?


    In this culture aging is a dirty word. Youth is the thing. 
Old people make themselves up to look like young people.  You think
you have to do it because youth is what’s “in”.  It’s a cultural
thing.  Still, it’s a fact of nature that the body inevitably ages. 
How you think about it is up to you…

    If you say, ‘I’m a retired person, I’ve retired from my role,’
you are looking back at your life.  It’s retrospective, it’s life
in the rear view mirror. That’s called time binding.   It causes
us to focus on the past and, of course, to worry about what comes
next.  Thinking backwards and forwards, being caught in the past
and worrying about the future is a form of self-imposed suffering.

    Aging is not a culmination.  It isn’t the end of the line, a
time to look back.   It’s a time to just be present.  The present
is ageless. Being in the moment, just being here with what is,
is timeless.  

    -From Ram Dass, “Content To Be” JOURNAL OF TRANSPERSONAL
PSYCHOLOGY, (2011), Vol. 43.

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