A taste of my Life

A taste of my Life

I thought that I had secured a bargain when I bought for 60p a bag of nuts – just what I need thought I – low fat/high energy food. They tasted OK but I thought were a bit old?? Imagine my horror when I passed the shop two days later to find that they were bird food! Oh well – perhaps this is the answer  to a healthy diet? Tweet …. Tweet!

How many cook books have you got? How many do you use? I have a friend who doesn’t believe in them and can go to any fridge and rustle up a meal with the odd ends therein! It has produced some strange tastes but its quite an art! I often get to cook only to discover that I am missing an ingredient – a quick visit to Balsall Common CO OP doesn’t help and I end up cooking something else….

And while I am on food – aren’t you disappointed with Delia Smith? Producing a book about cooking and cheating – I tell you – from a good Roman Catholic too! What is the world coming too?

At the end of my reading days I need a little time to relax – some music, a walk around the Village or a carefully selected bit of TV. My favourite programme at the moment is a late afternoon BBC2 slot – when Nigel Slater invites a well know personality to tell the story of their lives through their memories of food. Childhood, family, first love, work and friendship are all explored as Nigel cooks his guests favourite grub. Steamed puds, trifles, stews, roasts, cakes, chips to die for (and you will die if these deep fried delights replace your bird food) – are all cooked up and the memories – laughter and tears flow.

Slater is a skillled cook – I love his enthusiasm – and his attempts to explain how things happen in cooking. He wants others to share his passion!

What is your favourite dish? What is you best taste? What recipe works for you? Who taught you to cook?

Food – of all sorts – made to share – and evocative of some of our best times.  Now – back to my peanuts!!

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