I guess that most of us remember where we were when the news of the twin towers reached us. I saw a newsflash on BBC news and moved next door to my home where the pictures were so graphic they seemed quite unreal. These images were replayed so often that they have taken root in our consciousness. Whether we understand any more of the other narratives that surround the fault lines in our world remains unclear.

The story needs to be re told and often and we need to listen. Listen to the horror and the pain and the sheer tragedy of endless lives shattered. Can any of us stay with the way that some of those individual and precious lives were destroyed? And think further about the loss and grief of those who were robbed of the chance to say goodbye. That pain lives on in the memories of friends and family.

But in the listening and remembering can there be any learning? Can there be change? Can we hope for a different world?  Lets pray and work for that. In the meantime – let this day be a time of silent recollection – of the pain and the horror.

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