What kind of leadership?

What kind of leadership?

So often we think of the Church as an organisation that needs to be run!

It might be worth remembering  Bishop Edward King.  

 The words are those of G. F. Wilgress, who was, I think once his chaplain.   

‘Without any very visible method in his  administration of his diocese, there was a deep underlying purpose running through the whole. He did not ostensibly try to organise the Diocese, but tried to inspire life into it, and he left to others to utilize their powers of organisation to the full. This principal can be summed up in two sentences: “for their sakes I sanctify myself” and “organisation does not produce life, though life may produce organisation, the secret of the power is life.” These words explain his personal life. Day by day he drew spiritual strength into himself at the daily eucharist………..’


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