What are your hopes and fears?

What are your hopes and fears?


My hopes and fears are the core of my unknowing. My hopes maybe are vain, my fears groundless, but they keep me from letting God be my only hope and fear. Coming to wisdom, as I am doing, rather than by way of disillusionment, I come to the thought of hopes and fears being ‘’met’’ rather than being simply vain and groundless. To be met is to be taken care of, I am thinking, by a God who cares for all, as when you turn over all your cares to God in prayer. It is one thing simply to let go of all your concerns; it is another to turn them over to God. For in simply letting go you are becoming free by no longer caring, but in turning over your hopes and fears over to God you become heart-free and yet still care. Say I have secret hopes, of meeting someone who will change your life and make me a new man, secret fears for all the persons who being to my life and enter into it, for myself in relation to them. Say I turn them all over to God, though I know my hopes maybe are vain my fears groundless. ‘’I have no hope; I have no fear; I am free,’’ .  Nikos Kazantzakis says in words inscribed on his tombstone. I hope still, but I hope God; I am free, not of care but of the burden of care. (page 19)

The House of Wisdom  John S. Dunne University of Notre Dame Press 1993


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